Country Shutdown Scheduled for Monday October 14th

#Shutdownthecounty Monday, support furloughed government workers Stay home, don’t go to work.    

The conversation in Congress and our nation’s government has stopped. Congress has stopped working and consequently they have shut down the government by failing to pay government employees, sending many home and forcing others to work with only a promise of future pay.

A reactionary minority faction within the Republican party is refusing to hold any meaningful conversation and do the work their elected position requires.

We have the power to restart the country, but first we have to bring it to a standstill to show our government we mean business.  Don’t go to work on Monday October 12, hold a rally in front of your local federal building even if it’s a post office. Tweet, email and call your representatives.  Tell Congress we demand a clean Continuing Resolution and a 12 month debt ceiling increase sufficient to cover the nation’s projected expenses.  No negotiations on existing expenses or programs.  The place to do that is in formal budget negotiations, something the Congress has not done this term. Abolish the use of the Hastert Rule.  We refuse to allow Congress to hold the country hostage.

We can do this. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

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